Why Join Us?

Have you been thinking your real estate career could benefit from an upgrade in personal marketing?  Do you find it increasingly difficult to secure the listing with your current presentation?

Have you found yourself struggling to explain how your brokerage is different than all the others?

Is your monthly marketing expenditure not giving you the advantage you need?

Then STOP and consider today’s consumer.  You might be fighting the old school methods while ignoring the natural shift in the market.

Fact: 90% of buyers start their search online and 86% choose to work with the first broker they come in contact with.  Have you noticed that the real estate listing magazines have been getting thinner and thinner?  Yet, some still insist on using these publications as their only source of marketing.

Fact: National Association of Realtors research says, 78% of Sellers would have chosen a realtor to list their home had they been offered video.  However, only 2% of Brokers offer video.  ALL of our listings receive full motion video.

We are broker centric with a focus on delivering an unmatched technological driven marketing experience for the benefit of our clients. We use a proprietary internet promotional recipe in combination with “Field Produced” videos designed to convey unique information in an experiential way.  The TOWN & COUNTRY marketing system is a proven winner because it’s built around consumer preferences.

Everyone knows that times change and so does consumer preferences.  At TOWN & COUNTRY, all our brokers are ahead of these changes.

Contact Eric Hegge at 360-683-6000 to discuss how we can help you grow your business.

Eric Hegge
Designated Broker

New Broker Sequim WA
Real Estate Education Port Angeles WA
Listing Broker Sequim WA

Daniel K. Erickson


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