Why is video so important?  It’s becoming what television once was.  Marketers have figured out where the consumer eyeballs are going and it’s the internet. Today, it’s about being online, but more importantly, it’s about being found.

Studies show that:
*90% of home buyers start their search online
*The average buyer researches for 9 months before making an offer
*This same buyer will search for 6.5 months before contacting a real estate broker

You might ask yourself… “How can I increase my odds of being the first broker to make contact with the buyer?”  Today’s client expects 365/24/7 access to information and the pleasing aspects of video have proven effective in relaying that information.

We had an ace in the hole when we needed to learn the process of video production and promotion.  Our co-owner, Anne Erickson, is an Emmy Award winning television producer currently working at NBC affiliate King-5 in Seattle.  Anne’s years of experience, combined with her willingness take on this project, enabled us to develop an efficient and effective production model.  We owe Anne a big, “Thanks”, for helping us define our process and raise our production values.

Authentic localized content is important to consumers as proven by statistics showing them searching for local information and experiences.  It is also very important to the search engines as well.  We use video to showcase our client’s properties and to promote the local lifestyle of living on the Olympic Peninsula.  Video is the best way to get found on the Internet.

Get on board with us and you too can harness the power of video marketing.

Click on the link below to view the TOWN & COUNTRY YouTube Channel
YouTube Channel

Sequim WA Listing Broker
Listing Broker Sequim
Broker Port Angeles, WA

Daniel K. Erickson


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