T&C makes finalist in the Warren Miller Entertainment video contest

Our Skiing Hurricane Ridge video was submitted to the Warren Miller Hometown Video Contest and was selected as “pick of the week”. We’ve landed in the finalist category, one of four,  and we are now waiting for WME viewers to vote for this years winner. The winning video will be played on the big screen at the world premier event in Hollywood this fall.

In a matter of hours we had hundreds of views and likes with lots of positive comments. Marketing by way of video-Internet-social media is so powerful and effective it’s beyond comparison. Stay tuned…. more to come!

Real Estate Investing Advise

Bloomberg mentions the benefit buying a good asset and holding it for the long term. Most of us have seen the TV shows where flippers are turning through homes, rehabbing the neighborhood and increasing property values for all. When investors assess the upside potential of a distressed property sale the “flip” seem like the best plan; get in, get out. However, capital gains taxes, paying a real estate broker commission, plus the excise tax on the sale, will significantly reduce their profit.

Video Used to Help Sell Homes


Wow… I watched this ABC NEWS video clip to see just how far real estate brokers have taken the use of video.

In my opinion they may have “jumped the shark”, by limiting the number of potential Buyer’s by taking such a narrow focus in marketing.

Our videos appear a little more vanilla, which allows a broad range of buyers to envision ownership. However, local lifestyle and recreation opportunities are big factors for home buyers considering a change. So, we’ve created a series of, Lifestyle Videos, that are not specific to a home.

Do you think this has gone too far with Hollywood actors and a script to sell a house?