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Video Used to Help Sell Homes


Wow… I watched this ABC NEWS video clip to see just how far real estate brokers have taken the use of video.

In my opinion they may have “jumped the shark”, by limiting the number of potential Buyer’s by taking such a narrow focus in marketing.

Our videos appear a little more vanilla, which allows a broad range of buyers to envision ownership. However, local lifestyle and recreation opportunities are big factors for home buyers considering a change. So, we’ve created a series of, Lifestyle Videos, that are not specific to a home.

Do you think this has gone too far with Hollywood actors and a script to sell a house?

72 hrs; people retain 10% of text, 65% of an image, and 95% of a video

No wonder businesses of all types are prioritizing video in their marketing efforts… they want people to recall their services, products and company. Once you’ve made the investment in marketing you hope “Joe Average” can recall it! Again, video comes out the winner hands down!


Today’s mobile consumer forces retailers to adjust

This article mentions that as of today, 65% of all emails are open and read on a mobile device. Retailers are quickly adjusting to the mobile platform. The shift to mobile is driven by consumer preference, which is causing the real estate industry to change the way we deliver information. Whether Buyers are in their car or standing on a sidewalk, they expect convenient access to information, while they are engaged in the process of looking at properties.